An American Covenant Book Review from @kleffnotes

An American Covenant is the debut work by author Lucile Scott. This is a book that I immediately wanted to read because I literally spent my entire undergrad period researching witches and the historical concept of witchcraft. Instead of examining the United States I was focused on trials in France and England that took place even before the colonization of the US. If you are interested in the topic of witchcraft in any way you should keep reading.

Women who have emerged as mystic leaders have been vital to the history of America, but many have been subjugated and ridiculed for their work. Today there are women and other members of society turning to mystic powers to find a means to control the forces acting against them in society. Scott turned to the past to examine the stories of five women over three centuries who in their own ways defied masculine preconceptions about power. This is a queer feminist history that showcases a personal quest for transcendence.

In An American Covenant you will follow the story of Marie Laveau, Cora L. V. Scott, Helena Blavatsky, Zsuzsanna Budapest, and Marianne Williamson. Now I had heard of some of these women before, but was surprised by how little I knew about the history what is considered an ancestral spiritual coven. I adored this book and am so excited that it exists. The book is not only informative, but easy to read. This might seem like an odd thing to note, but as someone who had to push through mountains of historical works over the course of my life this is something important to me. I think history should be something all people can engage with and Scott has done the work to create a book that can be absorbed without feeling overwhelming. If you are looking for a great book that showcases great women, An American Covenant is a read you need today.

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