Don’t Lose Your Head Book Review from @kleffnotes

If you love Six the musical then this comedic take on the lives of the many wives of Henry the Eighth should be on your immediate read list. Don’t Lose Your Head showcases each of the six wives and their stories, told in their own imagined words. If you are looking for a funny and historically inspired read this is a review for you.

The primary focus of the book examines the wives of Henry the Eighth and what it was like being with the king. They share their thoughts and advice with a little bit of sarcasm and friendly charm. Beyond the six women you may already know, there are also asides from Henry’s mother and daughters to add a bit to the text. These women lived in a very different time, but their experiences can be applied to dating, marriage, and feminism in today’s world. You can enjoy trivia, anecdotes, and wise advice as you read through the book.

Don’t Lose Your Head is an unofficial survival handbook and while it is not associated with Six, it is something Six fans will enjoy. The book reads so easily and I had a delightful time flipping through it. As you read you will find yourself laughing out loud at some of the women and also finding tidbits that you can sock away for trivia or if someone might come to you looking for a little life advice. While I had thought Don’t Lose Your Head was out already, the site I found shows pre-order. Definitely keep your eye out for this one!

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