Treasure Seekers Book Review from @kleffnotes

Treasure Seekers is the third novel in the Transylvanian Trilogy by Roberta Seret. It won’t be out until April 27th, but I wanted to give you plenty of time to pre-order. This historical fiction work involves actual events and real people which Seret has been able to blend seamlessly with her overarching story.

When the President of Turkey calls President Trump in late 2018 he has an unusual request, release of of his citizens from a Manhattan jail. Reza Zarrab was a gold trader accused of being at the center of a scheme known as Gas-for-Gold. The plan was to launder $10 billion in gold for Turkey and Iran. His associates include American politicians, the dictator of Romania, and the richest man in Iran. Their crimes are returned to this story to create a shocking political thriller. We follow these events through the fictional characters, Marina and Cristina. The amateur investigators and life long friends have traveled to New York City and beyond to learn more about the criminal web among the leaders in this story.

This series is a well rooted read with the elements of truth acting as an anchor for the story. Her protagonists for this series have me anxious to read this new addition. The fiction series really does gain strength from the use of facts and as you are reading you will wonder exactly what could be true and what could be fiction.

As anticipated, the working of fiction with actual events is so well done and while I was not able to read the finished product(sometimes I am sent proofs before major release) I really enjoyed this read. I had expected the two female investigators would be my favorite part and they definitely were. You will have to wait to pre-order Treasure Seekers, but definitely keep an eye out for this latest addition to the Transylvanian Trilogy.

Article was edited on 4/21/21 as there were issues with the write up. The reviewer had meant to refer to the series as a whole and how this book fell into that series, but poorly reflected that in the article. These issues have been removed and additions were made during that week.

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