Dead Sprint Book Review from @kleffnotes

The author Caroline Fardig reached out to me about my interest in reviewing her new book in the Ellie Matthews series and I of course said yes. I really enjoyed Eye for an Eye, the first book in the series and also the second, so reviewing this one was a no brainer. Dead Sprint is not out until mid-May, but I wanted to showcase it in plenty of time for pre-order.

In this book Ellie has turned over a new leaf and is actually focusing on herself. She is trying to put her past behind her and that process is being helped by the new man in her life, FBI Agent Vic Manetti. For a new project, Ellie has decided to delve into competitive running, but her first attempt is cut short by none other than a dead body. The case appears open and shut, but a terrible photo of the victim goes viral and there is a caption that threatens more violence. Ellie can’t run from this new case that refuses to let her move on with her life.

Ellie having to team up with Detective Nick Baxter is an element in mystery series that I love. Whenever two people have to work through a strained relationship I for whatever reason super enjoy the tension there. Dead Sprint did not disappoint and Fardig as always does a perfect job of keeping you hooked until the very end. Her stories are thrilling and will keep you guessing, plus Ellie Matthews is a great character for the lead of series. You can pre-order your copy of Dead Sprint today.

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