The Seat Filler Book Review from @kleffnotes

From the author of Roommaid, The Seat Filler is a cute rom-com style read by Sariah Wilson. Inspired by her own celebrity encounter with Adam Driver this fun read is perfect to hunker down with for a quick day binge of adorable romance. If you are a fan of rom-coms this is the perfect read for you.

Juliet Nolan, a dog groomer, volunteers to be a seat filler at one of Hollywood’s biggest nights. She winds up next to Noah Douglas, who she is definitely in crush with. While trying to paly it cool, Juliet acts like she’s never even heard of Noah, while trying to work through being tongue tied at the sight of him. Noah is immediately into someone who loves his dog and isn’t a worshipping fan. While he wants to pursue a relationship Juliet has a pathological fear of kissing and the disappointment that comes after. She is so worried that the kiss won’t be enough for such a momentous relationship and Noah is there working through it. He suggests they rehears and what happens from there is a journey to happily ever after.

This is such a fun read and the perfect sort of popcorn read. If you like curling up with something that you can just leisurely enjoy The Seat Filler is a great choice. They couple is adorable and it reads like you are watching a rom-com. Wilson does a great job of making a fun story that you can enjoy in one sitting. You can pre-order your copy of The Seat Filler today.

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