Goods & Effects Book Review from @kleffnotes

When Hannah Mercer unexpectedly looses her husband and sons she sells her family farm and decides to set up a new home and store inside a delivery truck. This complete shift in her life leads her to try and find connections with those she often meets throughout her now more transient life. Goods & Effects is story full of loss, but also heart and growth with Hannah acting as a vessel for the lives of not just herself, but those around her.

Through Hannah we meet Nathan, who owns the motel that is one of her most frequent parking spots As well as Darla, a young deaf artist who sometimes travels with Hannah, a deacon’s wife entertaining the idea of sexual freedom. There is also a farmer with an ill wife who has feelings for Hannah, but biases that do not connect with her views. A black man who finds himself and his family dealing with the horrors of racial terrorism and finally two women who Hannah thinks might be the perfect matches for each other. As Hannah’s life goes on her faith diminishes, but she finds her view of humanity expanding and through that her own skills and abilities grow as well.

Al Schnupp has done an exceptional job of crafting a story that examines changes in your life and how they impact your view of yourself and also the world. Through Hannah he showcases different elements of American life and allows readers to examine these topics through her in a way that I found well done. I appreciated the level of detail in this story and really enjoyed Hannah as a protagonist. You can get your copy of Goods & Effects on May 29th, but you can pre-order it now.

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