The Antidote Book Review from @kleffnotes

With very few books marketed at children or younger readers with a focus on medicine and health, Susan McCormick, who is a doctor, decided to create something herself. The Antidote is a young reader book that does just what McCormick felt was missing. If you have a young reader that is interested in the field of medicine or are curious as to how that topic could be covered for young readers then keep reading this review.

Releasing on May 5th, The Antidote follows twelve-year-old Alex Revelstoke who can literally see disease, not just that he can see if there is anything at all wrong with a body. This comes in handy when a classmate chokes on a hotdog or when the janitor suddenly has a heart attack. What Alex learns is that his family line has been fighting a giant evil that is known as the creator of all disease. While he does not want to fight as the last of the Revelstokes he has no choice.

This is a fun and adventurous teen read that I think many young readers will enjoy. McCormick has done a great job of making the topic of disease accessible for any reader and has used a fun story to do it. Alex is a well crafted teen protagonist that will resonate with readers who have enjoyed sort of fantasy inspired young reads. You can pre-order your copy of The Antidote now or buy it in your local bookstore starting on May 5th.

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