Wildflower Season Book Review from @kleffnotes

Michelle Major, the author of The Magnolia Sisters series, is releasing a brand new series. I have shared my thoughts on her other series and was excited to share this one with our readers as well. The Carolina Girls is a series in the same vein as her first series and is a perfect read for Hallmark Movie lovers everywhere.

Emma Cantrell’s marriage is over and her heart is hurt from the unexpected end of what she had. While visiting her brother in the beautiful town of Magnolia, North Carolina she sees a dilapidated, but gorgeous mansion that feels like the great way to start over. She decides to open the Wildflower Inn, which means renovations. When a massive storm hits the entire structure is damaged, but then a sort of kismet moment happens. A bride-to-be in need of a venue gives her the name of a contractor and hopefully host the wedding.

Cameron Mitchell hasn’t picked up his tools in five years after the death of his wife, but when Emma arrives insisting he help her. He has no intention of getting involved, but relents if she leaves him completely alone. As he continues to work the begin to spend time together and Cameron’s heart begins to warm to her.

This is the sort of story that makes for a light and easy read. The romance between Cameron and Emma is so sweet and the two of them finding each other in those moment is so well written. I really enjoyed this story and think it is the perfect sitting outside on a nice day sort of read. If you love a sweet romance then you need to get your copy of Wildflower Season as soon as you can.

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