Birth of the Anima Book Review from @kleffnotes

Birth of the Anima is a story that combines feminism, ecological justice, and fantasy into a work that showcases embracing your potential. Kelsey K. Sather has created a great story that will showcase a powerful character who is working her way through becoming something more. As the first book in this series Sather has done an inventive job of combining themes to create a story that will fully engage you.

Throughout the seven seterras of Aligaea for over a millenia, twelve women have been chosen to be the Anima. What this means is that these chosen few take on the power of an apex predator and with this new strength they must also take on the task of restoring order to the ecological order of the world. The Imperium though are spreading plague through their infectious Disorder. This story focuses on Freda Johansson who leaves behind her life to find the red-capped mushroom that will allow her to take on the power of the final Anima. As she searches she ultimately must choose to embrace her powers as a woman and a beast.

Sather takes a story and weaves in ideas of modern feminism with a more fantastical type plot. Through her writing you will find yourself thinking deeply also also examining your own role in the world. Beyond that this is a book that will keep you hooked. Through Freda we are able to watch someone who gave it all to reach her peak. You can get your copy of Birth of the Anima today.

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