A Not So Lonely Planet Book Review from @kleffnotes

Do you remember When in Rome starring Kristen Bell? Well while this story is not exactly like that I found myself drawing the same enjoyment from it as I did that film. Set in Rome and focused on Marina Taylor, who is a bold, adventure-seeking writer, we watch as rom-com levels of delight for readers take place in A Not So Lonely Planet.

With a one way ticket to Rome and plans to write her book, Italian Women of Influence, Marina Taylor is excited for her latest adventure. The issue for her is that a strong connection to an irresistible stranger and her penchant for disaster might just keep her from completing her plans. With inspiration from Regina Lombardi, actress and sex icon, Marina is trying to master the sexual gaze as she works on her boo and finds herself stumbling into various escapades with Italian scholars, Turkish footballers, and even Sicilian twins. She though continues to long for a French-Italian photographer and still wonders about her ex waiting for her back home.

What I love about this book, beyond the delightful main character, is the actual layout of the book. There are lists and timestamps for events which makes the book read like a diary of events. It feels as though you are privy to someone’s very private collection of what has happened to them. This journal or diary style has been something I have loved in books for ages. Marina is a great character to watch going through Rome and experiencing unexpected adventures and those escapades inspired by the sexual gaze she is trying to master. You can get your copy of A Not So Lonely Planet today.

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