The Queens’ English Book Highlight from @kleffnotes

Chloe O. Davis has created an exceptional work by and for LGBTQIA+ of all walks of life with The Queens’ English. This book has been in the works for years and is now available for readers both in the community and who are allies of it. It makes for a great educational resource even if you might think you are an expert. Davis’s love of language shines through and aids in creating such a rich text.

I first hear about The Queens’ English on an episode of Coming Out with Lauren and Nicole, sometimes known as Coming Out Pod. I listen every week and always love their guests. Chloe Davis was a delight to listen to and the discussion of her book immediately made me want to check it out. I snagged a copy online and waited eagerly for it to come in the mail and when it did I wanted to start reading it right away. I have been a bit busy and haven’t been able to go through the entire book yet, but it so far is a delight.

The book is full of dynamic graphics that help to illustrate various terms and phrases throughout. These really help to engage you with the material. There are also notes concerning how to use terms and real life examples to establish context. You also get to learn history throughout with the inclusion of iconic people, places, and events. This helps to showcase how queer language has been shaped. I really think this is a great educational tool and the book is great. I am so glad that I added it to my collection. You can get your copy of The Queens’ English today.

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