Women’s Book of Courage Book Review from @kleffnotes

Women’s Book of Courage originally released in 2003 and is re-releasing with a slightly new format this year. Sue Patton Thoele offers more than one hundred short stories that have helped hundreds of thousands of people. While the title may think this is a book meant entirely for women, the lessons and wisdom can be enjoyed by everyone.

Thoele is not only an author, but also a psychotherapist who offers meditations, affirmations, and true stories that are meant to touch the heart. The idea behind the book is to provide you with wisdom that can be used in your daily life, no matter who you are. The goal behind it is to help you find your authentic self and working to embracing your best journey. This is a book that will help you to think about what you want to experience in life and find your way to being your best self.

While not a massive book, Women’s Book of Courage is full of so many messages that the size will surprise you. Thoele shares her own journey through humorous and sometimes rocky elements of her larger work towards her best self. The messages focus on trying to empower yourself while working to gain self-esteem, improve relationships, and overcome anxiety. This is a perfect transitional read if you are looking to do something new with your life. You can get your copy of Women’s Book of Courage today.

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