Battered Blessings Book Review from @kleffnotes

Battered Blessings: Surviving My Abusive, Toxic Relationship is a memoir by Shannon Ezzo. She hopes that by sharing her story that she will empower others so that no matter what their circumstances they should not have to go through it alone. Spending so much of her time keeping silent during the course of relationship she found herself constantly living in fear unsure of what would happen next. Writing this book for others is truly powerful.

This story comes with an immediate trigger warning by the author. Ezzo warns her readers that while this is her true story that what she will be sharing includes situations that may be hard for those with PTSD or who have recently suffered trauma to safely experience. She does note she did change names, but that while these changes were made there is not fictionalizing the story itself. This is not a short read either. Ezzo dives deep into her trauma in order to allow readers to experience everything that she did. I would recommend that you read this in an environment where you feel safe and won’t be easily interrupted. This though will not be a book that you read quickly.

Ezzo shares her entire relationship from the dating process to the very end. We also get to learn what she is currently doing and see that she is doing so much better outside of the life of trauma she was trapped in. We also meet those who cared and supported her. I also appreciate that her book shares resources for readers who may be struggling. This is not a light read in any way and is something that may be hard for some readers. I do truly applaud Ezzo for being so open about her life. You can get your copy of Battered Blessings today.

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