Act of Negligence Book Review from @kleffnotes

John Bishop MD is back with a new addition to the Doc Brady Mystery series. As with previous books each case ties into the field of medicine in some way. This story is one that was truly frightening as it showcases patients who are unable to help themselves. Act of Negligence will be out this month, but you can preorder it today.

Pleasant View Nursing Home has something very unusual happening with their dementia patients. Doc Brady finds himself drawn into the odd nature of events when a friend and colleague, Dr. James Morgenstern, refers multiple patients who are experiencing orthopedic problems from the nursing home. Each patient dies and during each autopsy another colleague of Brady’s, Dr. Jeff Clarke, discovers strange brain pathology, this includes nerve regeneration. This sort of thing does not happen with dementia patients. Doc Brady becomes obsessed with these findings and with his anger at losing patients he begins to investigate. Brady and Clarke will find themselves running for their lives before the story ends.

Each of Bishop’s mysteries does a great job of presenting medical knowledge to readers in a way that they will understand. Beyond that his cases will keep you guessing and this mystery is no exception. You will be intrigued and curious to know what is going at this nursing home. I had a great time reading this story and would highly recommend it for mystery readers. You can preorder your copy of Act of Negligence today.

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