You Might Feel a Little Prick Book Review from @kleffnotes

You Might Feel a Little Prick is a new novel from tv writer Reuben Leder. The story is presented as a Kafkaesque examination of the American healthcare system. Through the use of the fictional Cleveland Mercy Hospital Leder is able to craft a curious story that follows a young couple and their misadventures in the pre-Covid era. Please keep that in mind while reading this story, this is set in a pre-pandemic time when hospitals were a bit different.

As his debut novel, Leder has taken a story that showcases great characters, some you will love and some you will loathe, in a dark comedy focused story. The story starts when a screaming snowman falls from the top floor of the hospital and then disappears into a snow drift. When spring finally comes a body is found and it turns out there are even more bodies to contend with by that point. With strange disappearances abounding the thought is that perhaps they are tied to local hero and former ballplayer Nick Glass and his disastrous spin operation or the termination of his fiancé. Celebrity homicide detective Artemas Sikorski is here to solve the case!

If you are a fan of dark comedies this is a read that you will enjoy, especially if you enjoy medical dramas. I would even say mystery fans would get a kick out of this read, but do keep in mind it is a satire. This is meant to be a comedic read and should not be seen as a completely serious examination of hospitals. There are elements in here that those who have had issues with a hospital before might find some pleasure in though. Overall it is a fun read and something that will have dark humor fans laughing. You can get your copy of You Might Feel a Little Prick today.

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