The Way It Breaks Book Review from @kleffnotes

Polis Loizou is a writer whose works are frequently published through Cloud Lodge Books. He often appears on my review requests list and after reviewing Disbanded Kingdom I was intrigued to review The Way It Breaks. This book is not yet out, but you can pre-order it already.

The key character in this story is Orestis, a young man who wishes for a more in life. He wants a better job, a brighter future, and a new life. When he runs into an old friend he winds up interviewing at her father’s five star hotel. He thinks that success is on the horizon, until he meets a high-end gigolo. Orestis now finds himself on a new path, but with a new connection to a wealthy Belorusian trophy wife his destiny seems to be even further out of his control.

This story is set in Cyprus and much of it examines fate and free will. There are discussions of love and boundaries alongside what the value of a human being is. Loizou was born and raised in Cyprus which gives him a strong base of knowledge to draw from in order to immerse his readers into the story. This is a book that pushes you to explore your own thoughts while following the lead character and his choices. Loizou works to examine sort of philosophical topics through this story with Orestis and we come to see how a life can be shaped through the pressures of various forces. You can pre-order your copy of The Way It Breaks today.

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