Orion Book Review from @kleffnotes

This month sees the debut of K.L. Hingey’s new addition to her The Elyrian Chronicles series. I had the chance to review the first book, Kimber, and was eager to review the second. As of right now there are three books set in to be be part of the current timeline with two prequel books to follow. This is the sort of distopian future series that fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent I think will really enjoy.

In case you missed my original review of Kimber, the first book in the Elyrian Chronicles, I thought I would give a brief synopsis. The lead character of the series is Kimber who is on a dangerous journey through the wasteland for post World War II America. She is in search of evidence of inhumane genetic experimentation so that she can free her people from a life of servitude. She and her brother and sisters are part of a new species of their kind and are humanity’s last hope. They are called Auroras and the question is whether they should be embraced as citizens or made the slaves of society.

In the second book, Orion, Kimber and Tristan, with their siblings, are moving west to find answers in the wasteland of America. There are monsoons, surprises, and our characters find themselves in a nuclear warzone that has reshaped the country. Cheyenne is in the horizon and the biggest surprise awaits them. This is a strong second book and works to further examine the world and the Auroreans. I was surprised throughout and loved the action elements of this story. Hingey has done a great job building her world. I had actually thought that Orion would be out already, but it appears to have been delayed. I would keep an eye out for release or see if perhaps today if is officially out. You can find out more about the series on the author’s website.

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