Runner Book Review from @kleffnotes

Runner is the latest book releasing from Tracy Clark and is part of her #OwnVoices mysteries. This is the fourth in the Chicago Mystery seris and showcases former homicide detective turned private investigator, Cass Raines. This is the perfect mystery read for those who are fans of Sue Grafton and other more serious mystery novels.

Cass is tasked with trying to find a missing fifteen-year-old girl. Winter is terrible in Chicago and Cass has to hunt the streets for Ramona Titus who has run away from her foster home. Leesa Evans, the biological mother of the missing girl, is a recovering addict who admits that she has not done her best for Ramona hopes that she can make it up to her daughter. She just needs Cass to help her find her. When Cass meets Deloris Poole, Ramona’s foster mother, she learns she is also desperate to find the girl. After six months Ramona has finally started to open up, but the police haven’t had any leads. ass though has sources closer to the streets that can help her. It though begins to seem Ramona doesn’t want to be found. When it is revealed that Ramona has dark secrets she is protecting she and Cass will have to do their best to move quickly or they may both run out of time.

If you like a female driven mystery with curious twists and turns this is the book for you. I enjoy all types of mysteries and sometimes I really do what something very solidly set in the real world. Clark does a great job of using her Chicago knowledge to bring you firmly into the setting and Cass is such a strong lead character. I know this is book four in the series, but as someone who often drops into series at random points I can say that this one can be read without the previous novels. If you enjoy this definitely make sure to go back and check out the others. You can get your copy of Runner on June 29th, but you can pre-order now.

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