Forever Starts Now Book Review from @kleffnotes

Do you love romance and a sort of will they won’t they story? Is Lifetime or Hallmark something you curl up with and watch on a daily basis? Then Forever Starts Now is the book for you.

Set in Forever Falls, a place with so few single men that Monroe Roberts really isn’t worried about finding love. After the love of her life, at least the one she thought was the one, left her for a yoga instructor she has been focusing on her struggling diner and trying to boost sales. Ethan Hammersmith, has left Australia and isn’t looking back. He isn’t interested in finding love, but instead the father that he never knew. He finds himself contending with the fact that everyone seems to know he is single, but the local diner owner is willing to help him out and keep him from being hounded. The fake relationship they set up should keep everyone from caring about their love lives and help to boost diner sales with all the women trying to get a glimpse at Ethan. They are surprised though when they start to realize this fake relationship might be turning into something real.

This is such a cute read and the perfect sort of bubbly summer book. You can enjoy this while lounging outside and enjoying the sun with maybe even a very fancy drink. The slow build of the romance is very well done and this is really something romance fans will love. Ethan and Monroe are great together and you will be rooting for them throughout. The town is also such a sweet little place and feels very Hallmark inspired. You can pre-order your copy of Forever Starts Now today.

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