Coming Soon Book Review from @kleffnotes

Rachel Kramer Bussel has edited a brand new anthology collection, which is not something that is particularly safe for work reading. Coming Soon: Women’s Orgasm Erotica focuses on thrilling tales of female sexual pleasure. With 20 stories by popular authors you will have plenty to choose from. I have reviewed some of her previous anthologies and I can say I was very intrigued to start reading this new addition.

Bussel works to include varied stories that showcase women enjoying themselves in a variety of ways. These stories are intended to arouse and each author has brought their A Game. Since this is an anthology it is a bit difficult to completely review the entire work without creating an excessively long piece. I did though select some of my favorites to highlight for anyone who is looking for a reason to read. Coming Soon just released today and if you want more information you should check out the editor’s website.

Coming Soon starts off strong with a story titled “Read To Me.” This focuses on auditory pleasure leading to the ultimate release for our female protagonist. When she falls for the voice of a bookstore owner the two wind up experiencing time together that is narrated by him. It is a perfect start for book lovers and the two characters interaction together is well crafted. Not keeping with the order of the book, “Exceptional Service” presents a bisexual waitress who is immediately attracted to a couple celebrating their anniversary. After giving them a free dessert she is surprised by an enormous tip and a phone number. She then joins the couple for a night of bliss where she finally lets herself be worshipped at the hands of someone who cares for her. After a breakup and a less than giving partner she is able to fully give in and receives a standing invitation.

The next three I want to showcase are all together based on the set up of the stories. In all three the couples are in a relationship that involves distance and they find ways to connect virtually. “Tracing the Edge” involves a dom/sub relationship and a game played between the two over cell phones. The sub must pleasure herself without release every hour on the hour and send evidence until she is given permission to let herself go. In the second story of long distance that I wanted to showcase is “Remote Vibrations” In this case a newly established couple are distanced from each other, but when a gift is sent phones are again used to allow the two to have a sexual experience. The final story involves a couple who are finally able to have a night together during a brief layover. “Multiple Gifts” involves a game of one up manship in a way with the intent to bring a woman to satisfaction more than 8 times in a row. This story is both erotic and sweet with the couple working together in this particular contest. There are plenty more stories for all types of readers and you can get your copy today

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