Smoke and Mirrors: The Hearthstone Book Review from @kleffnotes

I have been so busy with my regular 9 to 5 job recently that I have been having a bit of a rough time getting through any review books. I did manage to finally get a chance to work on my review for the recent release, Smoke and Mirrors: The Hearthstone. This is the sequel to Smoke and Mirrors: The Trueheart, which I had the pleasure of reviewing previously. If you are a fan of magical fantasy reads that fall under the genre of YA this is a read for you.

The second book in this series again focuses on Corbin, who has recently just learned how to flex his magical shapeshifting powers learns that a young witch has run away for fear of being institutionalized. He wants to let her embrace what she once felt was strange and celebrate what makes her different. What Corbin doesn’t know is that finding her will lead to a snowballing situation where he could find himself under obligation to his former mentor and he doesn’t know that this could lead to a plot meant to get Corbin to betray Lorelai. The daughter of his mentor who he feels heart-bound to, but cannot bring himself to truly love.

This is such a fun series that definitely explores coming of age and finding yourself. There are characters who are able to celebrate their true selves, which in this case means being a magical person. I really enjoy this series and really enjoy Corbin as the lead. I am a sucker for any sort of shapeshifting lead character and his connection to Lorelai is a really well done sort of will they, won’t they. If you are looking for a well fleshed out fantasy read you should check out this series. You can get your copy of Smoke and Mirrors: The Hearthstone today.

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