Great American Road Trips Scenic Drives Book Review from @kleffnotes

When I was growing up we periodically take road trips on the weekends and we even made a couple cross country trips when I was in middle school. The idea of a road trip is always so appealing, but sometimes the planning can be daunting. I received Great American Road Trips-Scenic Drives to review and it proves to a be a very informative and interesting book that can help you to plan a trip of your own.

The book focuses on the natural beauty that can be found while taking a scenic drive throughout the United States. In order to provide you the best way of planning your own trip there are sections broken down by region with both long and short drives provided for you. You will be able to plan not only your core drive, but also stops that will allow you to see more of surrounding areas. To help you to get an idea of what you could see there are a number of pictures provided for each region. Each trip is also described by someone who has already taken it, which can help you to get a better handle of what you might experience.

While I might not be planning a trip in the immediate future, I still had a great time looking through this book and learning about the possible road trips I could one day make. It allowed for a bit of wanderlust indulgence, which felt a bit like a virtual vacation. I would highly recommend this book for those who enjoy taking, planning, or even just experiencing the fun of a trip without going anywhere. You can get your copy of Great American Road Trips-Scenic Drives today.

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