A Trip to Suburbia in my Suburbanite Review

Have you ever watched a movie and not known exactly what to make of it? That happened to me this weekend when I watched the movie Suburbanite. I hadn’t heard of the movie until I saw a preview for it at work, sometimes working at a video store leads to some very unexpected finds. It seemed like an interesting thriller so I grabbed it. Once I started watching it the movie really wasn’t what I expected. I can’t really review it without getting spoilery so let’s get to it. Continue reading “A Trip to Suburbia in my Suburbanite Review”

Let’s Go to the Movies in 2016

The New Year is around the corner and it’s time to look forward. To realizing we’re breaking resolutions in a matter of weeks, of birthdays and holidays and SDCC or in my case, what movies are coming out. So without further ado, here is an up to date (as of today, all schedules have the possibility of changing which is why I only listed by month) collection of all the upcoming movies of 2016. Waste the rest of your day watching all the movie trailers, all of them. Continue reading “Let’s Go to the Movies in 2016”