Dancing Deadites and a Singing Ash, Yes Please!

Today is Halloween, and this year it’s not just my favorite holiday, but also the premiere day for Ash vs Evil Dead on Starz. 9 pm est everybody, if you can you should totally watch it, mostly because I can’t and I need someone to tell me how amazing it is. All the sad faces over here, but I just don’t get the channel and won’t be able to find a way to get it in time to see the show. On a happier note though, it is the day to discuss my favorite piece of the Evil Dead franchise, Evil Dead: The Musical. Yes, there is a musical and I can tell you first hand that it is ridiculously hilarious and you need to find a way to watch or listen to it. Continue reading “Dancing Deadites and a Singing Ash, Yes Please!”

Who Keeps Renting This Cabin?!

With the original Evil Dead trilogy recapped and Ash vs Evil Dead getting closer and closer to premiering, it’s on to the 2013 remake titled just Evil Dead. This movie was set in the present and my immediate thought was, “Who the heck keeps letting teens rent this cabin?” I’m just guessing a demon works for AAA and any time someone asks where they should go on Spring Break they just say, “Well, I know this place, it’s a real steal. Very rustic, no deposit, it’s all yours for as long as you want it.” Just please go to the beach teens, there you only have to worry about sharks and not demons.

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