Facing Fears with Clowns and Dummies with @freegolaw and @kleffnotes

Happy Halloween readers! Krista, @freegolaw on Twitter and writer for StarryMag, and I decided to face our fears and watch some frightening movie moments. There are clowns, puppets, and a lot of panicked looks. Continue reading “Facing Fears with Clowns and Dummies with @freegolaw and @kleffnotes”

Fangirl Freakouts: #ITMovie Thoughts from @kleffnotes

I went to see It this past weekend and I wanted to share my thoughts on this Stephen King reboot. I tried to avoid major spoilers so if you haven’t seen it you should still be completely fine to watch this. Continue reading “Fangirl Freakouts: #ITMovie Thoughts from @kleffnotes”

I Ain’t Afraid of No Clowns

I admit I’m way behind in horror movies. I love them, but I used to only really watch vampire themed horror movies or sort of teen witch themed things. What that means for all of you is that I have loads of traditional horror movies to write about. This week I’ve been reading a creepy carnival short story book, it’s called Carniepunk and I love it so far, I’m definitely going to write about it at a later date so keep your eyes peeled, and thought why don’t I give that IT movie a watch. I’m capitalizing both letters just to make sure it actually looks like a title instead of just a typo of the word it. I know people who are terrified of the movie and of Pennywise so I decided this was definitely a lights on sort of watch. Continue reading “I Ain’t Afraid of No Clowns”