#Riverdale Reactions Season 2 Episode 22 from @kleffnotes

Can you believe the finale of Riverdale season two was this week?! I totally can’t and for my final reactions video of the season I share all of my thoughts on everything that went down and some brief musings on season three. Continue reading “#Riverdale Reactions Season 2 Episode 22 from @kleffnotes”

Wild Batwoman Speculations from @kleffnotes

Today it was announced  that Batwoman will be introduced as part of the four episode DC CW crossover event happening in December of this year. Now for those of you that don’t know I completely adore and am basically obsessed with Batwoman. I have Funko figures, a collectible figurine, all of the graphic novels, all the single issues of her recent Batwoman solo series, and she is literally the reason I started reading Detective Comics when DC announced their Rebirth line. This news has me very excited, but admittedly a little worried, about how my favorite character will appear within the DC CW universe. I thought I would share some of my concerns as well as just general thoughts I have about how they will tie her into their existing world with all of you. Continue reading “Wild Batwoman Speculations from @kleffnotes”

#Riverdale Reactions Season 2 Episode 21 from @kleffnotes

In the penultimate episode of Riverdale Season 2, they are pulling out all of the stops and amping up the intensity to a fever pitch. The Black Hood is out stalking the streets, while Riverdale burns. Check out all of my thoughts on this mind blowing episode in this week’s Riverdale Reactions. Continue reading “#Riverdale Reactions Season 2 Episode 21 from @kleffnotes”

Brain Food from @kleffnotes: Confetti Brain Cookies ( @iZombieWriters @CWiZombie )

This week’s Brain Food recipe is all thanks to my fellow writer Erin who sent me the perfect cookie recipe to tweak and turn into a brainy treat. These cookies turned out even better than I ever could have imagined. They are definitely perfect for a new iZombie night. Continue reading “Brain Food from @kleffnotes: Confetti Brain Cookies ( @iZombieWriters @CWiZombie )”

Brain Food from @kleffnotes: Brain Dip ( @iZombieWriters @CWiZombie )

Are you a busy zombie running to your latest hoard meet up on iZombie day? Then I have the perfect quick and easy recipe for you! With my plan of sharing some easy last minute recipes this season I have something that basically involves zero prep time with my brain dip recipe. Continue reading “Brain Food from @kleffnotes: Brain Dip ( @iZombieWriters @CWiZombie )”

Brain Food from @kleffnotes: Spicy Brain Ball ( @iZombieWriters @CWiZombie )

Goodness gracious great balls of fire! This week I delve into the delicious world of party appetizers, perfect for any zombie affair with my spicy brain ball. Still a quick and easy recipe and it takes just a few minutes to mix it up so you can definitely throw this together for any iZombie viewing night. Continue reading “Brain Food from @kleffnotes: Spicy Brain Ball ( @iZombieWriters @CWiZombie )”