Stan Lee: The Man Behind Marvel by Bob Batchelor Book Review ( @CultPopCulture ) from @kleffnotes

Bob’s Batchelor’s Stan Lee: The Man Behind Marvel provides an insightful look into not only the titular man himself, but also the complex and captivating world of Marvel Comics growth and evolution over the years. While the book will not be released until September 2017 the debut of a brand new Marvel film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, earlier this month provided me with the perfect moment to promote this book.

As a lifelong comic book fan and noted media source, Batchelor brings his passion and talents together in this engaging and exceptionally informative work. He presents the life of Stan Lee in a way that connects his life with the changing culture of America over the years as well as with the constantly evolving comic book industry. When discussing Lee’s early days Batchelor examines his family and their history and discusses how this may have impacted Lee’s personality and motivations. While some biographies can stagnate by focusing too much on only certain elements of a subjects’ life, Batchelor weaves in moments of humor with the pacing of a Marvel comic. He focuses on Lee’s positive moments, but shows that the man who has become the face of Marvel has gone through hard times just like any other human being. What is remarkable is that Lee was able to surmount these challenges and continue to rise within the comic book industry.

The connection of Lee’s fictional characters to his personality and upbringing reveal just how much this powerhouse universe we see in print and on screen has gained from the writing of the tremendously hard working man. Batchelor often mentions the long hours and numerous projects that his subject Lee has worked on throughout his career. Within this discussion he provides a humorous anecdote from Lee’s service days which involved him almost being charged with mail fraud in an attempt to meet a deadline.

Batchelor also discusses the almost mythical personality that Stan Lee has developed over the years. When discussing Lee’s youth and beginning years in the comic book industry he does mention that some details cannot be exactly verified and that there are some variations in just how things took place. This though adds to the larger than life man that Stan Lee is. Much like many of his characters his own origin story has a bit of variation.

Stan Lee: The Man Behind Marvel is an exceptionally well researched book and even for those who are not prone to reading non-fiction it will still engage you through the well written prose. You also get to see some great photos of Stan Lee in his younger days. I highly recommend this book to comic book fans, regardless of your publisher preferences, and to anyone who enjoys the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Netflix series. You will come away with so much knowledge and a better understanding of how Marvel has prevailed throughout the years through the exceptional Stan Lee.

You can pre-order Stan Lee: The Man Behind Marvel on Amazon today!

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