Michigan Based Horror Movie @RuinMeMovie Screening at @FrightFest and @WIHFF from @kleffnotes

Ruin Me focuses on reluctant final girl, Alexandra, who agrees to take part in a horror themed camping weekend where willing participants get to be part their very own slasher experience. Alexandra’s boyfriend has signed the two of them up for Slasher Sleepout, a combination escape room, haunted house, and outdoor excursion event. Before the weekend is over everyone in their party winds up thrust into something way more horrifying than they ever could have expected.

This Michigan based horror film was shot primarily in Muskegon County, Michigan and the script was written with actual locations from the county in mind following a scouting trip by co-writers Preston DeFrancis and Trysta A. Bissett. DeFrancis is also the director of Ruin Me and Bissett is the executive producer. Bissett personally has a strong familial connection to this area and has spent summers there ever since she was born. The locations they chose for the film help add to the feeling of isolation their characters experience as they find themselves trying to survive during their horrific weekend. There are also a number of Michigan natives in the cast and crew of Ruin Me.

Horror fans in the UK will be able to see Ruin Me at FrightFest in the heart of London on Leicester Square. FrightFest runs from August 24th-August 28th. For those who won’t be able to leave the United States you will be able to find Ruin Me at the Women in Horror Film Festival (WIHFF) in Atlanta, Georgia. WIHFF takes place in September from the 21st to the 24th. Ruin Me is proud to have women both in front of and behind the camera. Not only do they have a female lead, Marcienne Dwyer, and supporting actress, Eva Hamilton, but also a female producer, Rebecca G. Stone, the previously mentioned Trysta A. Bissett, as co-writer, executive producer, and editor, composer, Holly Amber Church, costume designer, Mindy Kroener Ehret, and special FX makeup artists, Bec Johnson and Elizabeth Fox.

Ruin Me has additional screenings in the works so make sure to keep up with them on social media for the latest updates on their Twitter and Facebook.

Just the trailer has me absolutely hooked and I am hoping to find a screening near me in the future!

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