#DoctorWho Myths and Legends Book Review from @kleffnotes

Travel through the galaxies of Doctor Who in the upcoming release Doctor Who: Myths and Legends from Richard Dinnick in this otherworldly book that blends mythical stories with the exciting world of The Doctor. This book is being released on September 26th in a special International edition for those of us who love reading a physical book and just happen to live on this side of the pond. Dinnick expands upon the worlds of the beloved BBC science fiction series by creating his own characters who have either personally met The Doctor or are from alien races that we’ve seen throughout the course of the series. Continue reading “#DoctorWho Myths and Legends Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Kidpire TV Network Created by Kimberly Jesica from @kleffnotes

Kimberly Jesica has created a digital channel, Kidpire TV Network, which focuses on multicultural content that connects to underrepresented minority populations, with a strong focus on Hispanic representation. There is also a version of the channel that presents her original content in Spanish, Red De La TV De Kidpire. Currently the most prominent show on the channel is Beautiful Danger, a supernaturally inspired animated series. Continue reading “Kidpire TV Network Created by Kimberly Jesica from @kleffnotes”

#AshVsEvilDead Season One Part One Review from @ImmieBroods

Well, they managed to do the impossible with this one. Yes, I’m talking about Bruce Campbell, who well into his 50’s, does a fantastic job in Ash vs. Evil Dead season one. I am aware that Bruce Campbell’s chin could have its own show, but I’m going to focus on the man himself. I believe he’ll turn 60 next year, but at the time of production on the first season of this series he was 57 or 56. Continue reading “#AshVsEvilDead Season One Part One Review from @ImmieBroods”