After Pluto Seed&Spark Campaign Goes Live! ( @After_Pluto ) from @kleffnotes

After an unexpected fall the only thing that Truman Wells can remember is Pluto being demoted in the first episode of the webseries After Pluto. With roughly ten years of her life lost, she finds herself trying to rebuild relationships and understand what has happened since that moment. I absolutely adored the pilot episode of this series and was delighted to hear that they are running a Seed&Spark campaign.

If you haven’t watched the pilot you absolutely need to because this story is exceptionally engaging and stars some remarkably talented actors. Lane Allison, who co-created and co-produced the show, stars as Truman Wells and will keep you captivated by her journey in just this first episode. She balances her dramatic performances with perfect comedic timing. I actually had the pleasure of speaking with her in detail about the pilot prior to the Seed&Spark campaign and she was a pleasure to talk to. Her dedication to this project and the praise she has for not only her fellow co-creator and co-producer, Sara Lafferty, as well as the rest of the cast and crew shows just how much she cares about this project and the love she has for everyone involved.

I cannot recommend this series enough and I also have a review video that you can check out that shares more of my thoughts on the first episode. The After Pluto team has been laying the groundwork to create 7 additional episodes, which would finish the story of season one. This Seed&Spark campaign would allow them to share the rest of Truman’s story, which once you watch the pilot you will be desperate to learn more about. Please check out and support their Seed&Spark campaign so that we can see more of this strong female led story.

You can find After Pluto on their websiteTwitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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