Movie Quotes for All Occasions Book Review from @kleffnotes

James Scheibli’s Movie Quotes for All Occasions: Unforgettable Lines for Life’s Biggest Moments provides readers with a variety of movie quote options for pretty much every situation. Beyond quotes he also fills the book with interesting trivia elements and themed watching suggestions. This book is perfect for movie lovers and for anyone who needs a bit of inspiration before an upcoming big day.

Movie Quotes for All Occasions is divided into six categories that each highlighting a different reason that you could utilize a quote from some perfectly picked movies. These categories include: Graduation, Weddings, Sports, Workplace, Grief & Loss, and finally Hope. In his introduction Scheibli discusses his own utilization of a specific speech from the film Serenity on the day of his sister’s wedding. The people in attendance loved his speech so much that they even requested he write it down. This moment expresses just how wonderfully movie quotes can fit into a situation and even elevate it.

As previously mentioned beyond providing just quotes, Scheibli includes trivia elements within his chapters. These facts include From the Casting Couch, which discusses people who played different roles in films, Alternate Takes, and just Fun Facts. There are so many fun little tidbits that will surprise you and add to the meaning behind certain quotes. There are also lists of movies with brief summaries at the end of each chapter that can help you find the perfect movie for any situation. Movie Quotes for All Occasions is a perfect tool for anyone who is looking for a way to include more of their love of movies into their daily life.

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