Red Adam’s Lady Book Review from @kleffnotes

Murder, intrigue, jealousy, and vicious battles are all part of the engaging historical fiction novel, Red Adam’s Lady by Grace Ingram. This book recently re-released and is one of the novels written under this pseudonym by Doris Sutcliffe Adams. Originally published in 1973 it returns to shelves with a foreword by Elizabeth Chadwick, a historical fiction writer herself, who has loved this work for years. Red Adam’s Lady is a well-crafted book that evokes a time of knights and battles, but through the eyes of a young and confident woman.

Lady Julitta finds herself contending with what can best be described as a hoard of men while taking a brief rest on her journey. After being forced into a bedroom and only managing to stop her attacker by knocking him out with a stool, she has protected her maidenhood, but her entire life is changed. In the morning the red haired man, Red Adam, insists upon marrying her. While she continually attempts to resist, the ceremony is performed against custom almost immediately. Lady Julitta becomes charged with a household that has fallen into disarray and beyond that she does not wish to be with her new husband. As treachery is revealed within Brentborough castle and treacherous plots are unveiled, Julitta finds herself drawing closer to the man she once thought repugnant and a love begins to bloom.

As I was reading Red Adam’s Lady I found myself relating this story to the tale of Beauty and Beast. Julitta is a woman with a mysterious past herself and no parents to claim her, but she has learned how to protect herself and finds a connection with her new husband. Adam is a fiery tempered man who has insisted he will no longer indulge in his lustful ways now that he is married. The two begin to change and grow with each other instead of against each other. Beyond this, the two are also interested in the mysterious death of the former lady of Brentborough castle. I would strongly recommend this work to fans of the Outlander series and anyone who enjoys a historical romance. Ingram has created a world full of twists and turns as well as a strong central romance that ties all of this together.

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