The Clinic Book Review from @kleffnotes

David Jester weaves a thrilling tale of one horrific night in his novel, The Clinic. Three friends, who have grown up together, have decided to up their criminal activities by planning to burglarize what one of them thinks is a well to do rehabilitation center and spa in the woods. What happens once they embark on their late night escapade is nothing they ever anticipated.

The Clinic focuses on Malcolm, Darren, and Eddie and moves between their points of view over the course of roughly two days. We are introduced to them during a burglary, but when they realize they haven’t found enough to really make much money they decide they want to do something larger. Eddie reveals that his uncle has told him about a secluded center frequented by high class and wealthy people and based on his information they decide to investigate. When they first arrive Darren and Malcolm find themselves feeling uneasy, but they decide to go through with Eddie’s plan. Once they enter the building they find themselves dealing with horrors they never expected.

Jester creates a horrifying series of events that will keep you glued to the page. Throughout the book he moves the story remarkably well between the three boys and in doing so provides a deeper understanding of the darkness and depravity within the frightening clinic. As a fan of horror films I found myself shivering with delight at the well done scares. The Clinic drips with blood, but Jester does not rely on gore to keep his reader guessing. Figures appear out of nowhere and the fear felt by the trio is palpable. Beyond that there is also an exceptionally intriguing psychological element that impacts one character in particular. This is the perfect read for horror fans and you won’t be able to put it down once you start reading.

You can find The Clinic on sale now!

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