@ClexaCon Countdown: @tellofilms Highlight from @kleffnotes

Last week I focused on the sponsors of ClexaCon, but I intentionally did not discuss Tello Films so that I could focus a bit more on this specific sponsor. While LGBT+ representation has been slowly growing in television and in movies, there is still so much work to be done to improve and increase the amount of characters we see who identify as part of the community. Tello Films has been working hard since their creation in 2007 with a focus on lesbian and queer characters and they refuse to allow any programming to end with the death of a lesbian character. I wanted to highlight some of their series for those of you who may not be as familiar with their programming as we get closer to convention time.

At the first ClexaCon in 2017 I was introduced to Tello Films during the web series screening section of the film festival. They showed some of Maybelle, a series focused on 35 year old Maybelle learning to love herself as a gay woman after the death of her mother, and a large portion of Skirtchasers, in this series Robyn has been recently broken up with and while she is working through her own issues she realizes that her father is the root. I was excited and surprised to learn that there was an online channel dedicated solely to queer female content that also included so many diverse genres. Before ClexaCon 2018 I wanted to make sure to check out what they had to offer and was delighted to find so many things available through their subscription service. I will admit it took me a little bit of time to actually delve into their content. I blame my massive to watch list for that one, but I am so glad that I finally did.

When I started checking out Tello the first thing I watched was Bridget McManus’ comedy special. I had heard Bridget would be performing at the convention and she had also been on the official ClexaCon podcast UnCONventional. My girlfriend had told me that Bridget was hilarious and has even very awesomely purchased tickets for us to see her at Ships and Giggles. Her stand-up special on Tello is hilarious and was the first time I had ever seen a lesbian comedian perform who led off her set by focusing on how she is a lesbian. If you are planning on attending Ships and Giggles or are thinking about going, I am hoping there are still tickets left, you definitely need to watch her special. Kia Barnes and Gloria Bigelow will also be performing during the show and I am very sure they are both hilarious.

I’m a huge fan of detectives and crime dramas so the next thing on my list to watch was Riley Parra. This show had been recommended to me so many times and I really should have watched it so much sooner. It focuses on Riley Parra, a detective, who is investigating a strange murder. During the investigation she meets the new medical examiner, Dr. Jillian Hunt. The first scene between the two of them is the perfect mix of flirty and awkward. On the Lez Hang Out podcast they’ve mentioned the series before and their description of it as Rizzoli and Isles if it were actually gay is the best way to describe it, but there’s also an element of the supernatural. Riley Parra blends together so many genres I love and it is a fantastic watch.

After watching this Riley Parra I have already made a plan of other shows to watch, the first of which will be Nikki and Nora. This series also involves crime and detectives turned private investigators. Beyond starring one of the actresses from Riley Parra, it also includes Christina Cox, who I loved in Blood Ties. There are so many more shows to watch on Tello Films including Brunch with Bridget, Flannel Channel, Tempa Kills, and Chanticleer. I plan on working my way through every single series, though that might not happen before ClexaCon. If you are looking for great scripted and non-scripted queer women content Tello Films is perfect for you.

To find out more about ClexaCon and their sponsors make sure to check out their official site.

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