Recipe for a Delicious Life Book Review from @kleffnotes

Celebrity Chef Zipora Einav shares her masterful knowledge of food through her own unique blend of wisdom and wit in her book Recipe for a Delicious Life. Within these pages she shares her personal experiences and recipes, but also shares so much more through the use of additional resources that elevate the book into a full experience that had briefly been limited to only personal interactions with Chef Zipora.

Before getting into the meat of the book, there is an introduction and explanation of Chef Zipora’s free app, #EatHealthy with Chef Zipora. This allows you to interact more deeply with the book through the use of augmented reality. Once you download the app you can access videos and other elements that are connected to specific pictures within Recipe for a Delicious Life. There is also a companion CD that allows you to experience music in connection to the recipes she provides, which is part of her larger argument that music can add to all of your experiences in life.

Chef Zipora has traveled with and served a number of celebrities over the course of her career. The very first recipe she shares is Mariah Carey’s Roasted Red and Yellow Pepper Soup, which is what she states helped her to cement her place on the Rainbow world tour. Throughout the book Chef Zipora shares what led her to develop a passion for food and the care she took in sharing her creations with others. She also shares a very humorous story from her childhood involving an attempt at cooking a chicken with a pressure cooker. Recipe for a Delicious Life is primarily a memoir and sharing of what Chef Zipora has loved about her work with recipes that connect with her stories shared throughout. If you love food and want to be able to share this love with other Chef Zipora’s book will be wonderful addition to your bookshelf and your kitchen.

You can find Recipe for a Delicious Life on sale now and  you can find out more about Chef Zipora on her website.

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