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Go Home, Afton is the first book in The Afton Morrison Series that focuses on an unlikely main character. Afton Morrison is a small-town librarian who has been dealing with a dark twin who urges her to commit actions that fall outside of normal human behavior. As her violent impulses begin to rise, Afton decides that the best way to contend with them is to find someone that the world wouldn’t miss. 

Afton Morrison reminds me tremendously of Dexter Morgan, from the book series and not the television series. While he had his own mentor, Afton has been forcing herself to restrain her urges. She directly speaks to her darker half, Animus, and insists that she cannot do some of the things that this entity wants her to accomplish. There are moments when she does slip up and act far too violently in certain situations, but for the most part she is able to balance her urges with what she knows is socially acceptable. Throughout the first book Afton is focused on her target, but as everything evolves around her she is forced to deal with her past in a way she did not expect.

There are tremendously emotional moments for Afton, one of which reveals why she has become so focused on this specific target. The writing of her character is well done and developed, allowing her to fluctuate within a moral grey area. She may be indulging her desires for violence, but she also loves her family and has the ultimate goal of doing what she thinks will benefit humanity as a whole. Brent Jones has done a great job of beginning this series and I look forward to watching this series evolve. He has a release schedule for the remaining three books and I cannot wait for See You Soon, Afton, which will come out later this year. You can find Go Home, Afton on sale today!

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2 thoughts on “Go Home, Afton Book Review ( @AuthorBrentJ ) from @kleffnotes

  1. Hi Katherine,

    Thank you for the wonderful review of Go Home, Afton. I’ll be sure to link to your review from my website and share it out.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it. See You Soon, Afton will be released in just six short weeks, with books three and four coming in September and October respectively.

    Best wishes,



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