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See You Soon, Afton is the second book in the Afton Morrison Series by Brent Jones. Picking up right where the first book left of Afton finds herself trying to figure out who the mysterious man who seems to know everything about her is. Her hunt for answers leads her down a rabbit hole of unexpected reveals as she tries to solve not only this mystery, but the mystery of what has happened to someone she cares about.

The first book in the series, Go Home, Afton, introduced Afton and her dark companion Animus as she made her plan to kill a nefarious man whom the police had not punished for his crimes. In See You Soon, Afton, she is contending with the fact that someone killed her target before she did and is now taunting her with the kidnapping of a young girl. Her contact with the mysterious man increases and when he reveals his name she dives into her hunt with the help of his brother and his girlfriend, along with Jared, the reporter she previously feared would reveal her connection to the first murder to the police. As her investigation continues Afton learns that there are elements of her life that have been kept secret from her and that the moment that pushed her to desire dark adventures was something far more evil than a random attack.

See You Soon, Afton is a fantastic addition to the Afton Morrison series and while certain elements of Afton’s character reminded me of Dexter from the Dexter book series she has evolved tremendously in this second book. While she continuously considers acts of violence, her love and connection to others shows that she isn’t just a killer, but a person dealing with trauma in the only way she thinks she can. Beyond Afton, the other characters in this series become more developed and their connection to Afton begins to shift. I cannot wait to see what happens in the rest of the series, especially with all of the information that Afton has learned. You can find See You Soon, Afton on sale now.

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