E-Demon Movie Review from @kleffnotes

When four friends from college decide to video chat with each other one night things a seemingly goofy prank turns into a night of dark and complicated events. Set up as a sort of found footage film E-Demon presents itself as the full recording of a real call between friends that led to a massive multi-state murder. This horror movie works to create a scenario in which the internet can spread black magic and violence anywhere it wishes.

Four friends who all graduated from The Ohio State University, which is actually one of the main reasons I wanted to check out this movie, decide to catch up over video chat and right at the start of the chat one of the friends, Mar starts setting up a massive prank that sets off a chain reaction. The friends have a history of pranking each other and throughout the call as things escalate and become more and more violent and strange, no one can tell what’s real and what’s a joke. Panic starts to set in as everyone begins to grow more and more agitated and frightened. Tying all of this together is one of the friends, Mar, and his family connection to the witches of Salem. Is this truly a dangerous demon or have these friends created a growing sense of hysteria like that of the witch trials?

E-Demon takes the idea of found footage and blends it with what I’ve commonly heard referred to in webseries as vlog style filming. In many cases the camera is focused on a small area, but in certain situations the four friends are able to move their cameras or their cameras are moved by someone else which allows for two elements. One, scenes can be expanded upon and new areas can be shown and two, it allows for certain sequences to occur either off camera or in a way that limits the amount of effects work that needs to be done. E-Demon works because it relies on the video chat tool having lag, which adds to the suspense in certain scenes, and by mostly remaining stationary the friends can literally leave the chat and miss moments in other windows. I would recommend E-Demon for fans of found footage horror and I’d actually recommend you watch it on a computer for the full live streaming effect. You can find out more about E-Demon on the movies official site.

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