Wildchilds Book Review from @kleffnotes

Eugenia Melian draws upon her own experiences in the modeling industry to create a fiction story of illicit behavior, dangerous people, and love in Wildchilds. The story focuses on a former model named Iris, who left the love of her life and her career after becoming pregnant. After the birth of her daughter, Lou, Iris has decided to stay away from anything modeling related, until something forces her to look back on the life she fled years ago.

Iris learns that the father of her child and the man she once loved, Gus, has died unexpectedly and left his entire photography estate to their daughter. What is crushing for Lou is that she has never met her father and feels no connection to the man who has died and left her all of his work. Iris is tasked with caring for the estate until her daughter reaches the age of 25, but there is one small catch. There are missing photos that can only be found in Paris and Iris finds herself having to go after them. Once she arrives she is drawn back into the world she had run away from and she must confront someone who is threatening to expose everything that happened when she was a young model.

Wildchilds blends Iris’ recollections of her life as a model with the modern day revisiting of the people she was connected to at that time. While many of them are happy to see her and wish to help her, there are terrible secrets and moments that are hiding beneath the surface. Melian examines how youth can be corrupted by vile people through drugs, alcohol, and the continuous pressure to make connections and stay beautiful. Beyond Iris’ own emotional journey, Melian also spends some time focusing on Lou’s own search to understand her father and why her mother has been so secretive about the life she lived with him. Both women are trying to make sense of a tragedy and in doing so they both become closer and gain a deeper understanding of each other. You can find Wildchilds on sale on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

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