Extraordinary Origami Book Review from @kleffnotes

Did you know that origami grew tremendously within the United States and evolved as an art form through various artists in America? I certainly didn’t, at least not until I checked out Extraordinary Origami: 20 Projects from Contemporary American Masters. Edited by Marc Kirschenbaum, this book begins with a brief history of how the art of paperfolding, while from Japan, grew through the connection of individuals in America who found themselves evolving elements of the art form. Within these pages are 20 diverse projects you can try that focus on the art of origami.

Many of you might remember being tasked at some point with learning some form of origami. I can very clearly remember a Girl Scout badge where I had to make a frog and then attempt to make a crane. I will admit neither was particularly attractive and if I remember correctly my crane looked a bit like it had gone through a dryer by the time I actually managed to fold something. Within Extraordinary Origami the frog I remember makes an appearance, but the projects are far more diverse than anything I had ever seen. To start readers off there is a breakdown of terms and symbols, which will help them as they tackle the folds going forward. Then the book delves into the 20 different projects you can attempt.

Beyond a section on terminology Extraordinary Origami also provided video links. All you have to do is snap a picture of the corresponding code or you can search for the provided URL. This allows you to see someone actively folding the paper for the project you have chosen. If you have done origami before or are looking for a fun way to engage in a new creative endeavor you should give this book a try. You can find Extraordinary Origami: 20 Projects from Contemporary American Masters on sale now.

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