A Cookie to Celebrate Book Review from @kleffnotes

Jana Douglas shares her tips for making cookies like a pro in her book A Cookie to Celebrate. In 2014 months from graduation from The Ohio State University, Douglas found herself stress baking and this way of relaxing led her to create Jana Lee’s Bake Shop. With A Cookie to Celebrate you will learn how to make fantastic cookies and get a better handle on how to make beautiful decorations and get them where they need to go.

I am a notoriously terrible cookie maker. I have been known to burn a dozen when I try and make them and if I even attempt to decorate them they take on a bit of an abstract element no matter what design I try. A Cookie to Celebrate seemed like the perfect way to keep myself from making these baking mistakes. Douglas begins with the very basic step of teaching you how to make the perfect sugar cookie for frosting. The book relies on you using this sugar cookie base and then cookie cutters to get the perfect to ice cookie. After preparing you to make the perfect cookie she goes over how to make the ideal royal icing and then walks you through tips on how to do a variety of different decorations.

Her tips are easy to follow and her tone throughout is very fun and upbeat, which makes taking in the information even easier. Beyond giving you the most basic steps she shares how to make some very elaborate cookies that will wow at any event. These include cookies for holidays, baby showers, weddings, and so much more. Outside of decorating Douglas walks readers through how to store and transport cookies, which is something I definitely did not know how to do with frosted cookies. I am very excited to try these tips out and get to baking, especially with the holidays fast approaching. You can find A Cookie to Celebrate on sale now.

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