Classics Reimagined, Frankenstein Book Review from @kleffnotes

Mary Shelley’s famous Frankenstein turns 200 years old this year and to celebrate the 200th anniversary of this work of horror a brand new edition has been released with stunning imagery. From the Classics Reimagined line of works this version of Frankenstein from Rockport Publishers includes beautifully ornate details including vellum inserts that supplement the story from David Plunkert. This month is the perfect time to either return to the pages of Shelley or delve into the world of her famous monster for the first time with Classics Reimagined, Frankenstein.

Ages ago I read Frankenstein and even have a small and slightly worn copy in my room, but the experience of reading Classics Reimagined, Frankenstein was unparalleled. Now for those of you who have not read the actual Mary Shelley book the story of Frankenstein is still very well known in a variety of adaptations. Primarily what everyone knows is that there is a doctor, a monster, and some fiendish experiments involving grave robbery, and a bit of a god complex. Mary Shelley’s story includes far more than that and examines love, both for a child/creation, a parent, and for a lover. Frankenstein’s Monster, often called Adam, wishes to have someone he can relate to and who will love him, especially once his father begins to push him away. One of my favorite adaptations of the story is in the series Penny Dreadful, which gives more time to the companion Dr. Frankenstein is later tasked with making for his monster.

Plunkert provides an assortment of blended media images throughout the course of the novel that lend to the eerie feeling of the story. In certain sections he includes photographs or images of human faces and then uses illustration to provide these faces with bodies. In essence he creates what appears to be Frankenstein like images of the people we are being introduced to in the story. What I found particularly fascinating was his drawing of just the face of Frankenstein’s monster. The work is so detailed and frightening that I could not look away. Each full page image is just so detailed and any of the work he does is so well done that you will find yourself stopping your reading just to marvel at it. The included vellum pieces look as though they have been lifted from an antique medical journal and just work to add a perfect touch to this book. If you are a fan of the classic story or looking to expand your classic literature horizons this is the perfect version of Frankenstein to check out. You can purchase your own copy of Classics Reimagined, Frankenstein today!

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