The Enchanted Sonata Book Review from @kleffnotes

Visions of sugarplums will dance in your head as you read this new adaptation of the story of the Nutcracker, The Enchanted Sonata. Heather Wallwork has taken the ballet of legend that has been retold over the years with a variety of alterations and created a new and magically musical world. Instead of being a young child, Clara is an exceptional pianist, who will find her musical skills tested when a nutcracker appears under her Christmas tree.

I have loved The Nutcracker ever since I was a small child. I have very fond memories of wearing a pink tutu and leotard with matching ballet shoes and setting up my dolls and stuffed animals to watch a VHS tape of the ballet. I would dance around on my own and sometimes draft my dad to sit in the prince’s seat at my very small plastic table. I was only about 3 and I wanted an audience to watch me dance, like the performers in the ballet. When I heard about The Enchanted Sonata I was delighted to be able to revisit something I have treasured ever since my youth and this story did not disappoint.

While Clara may be young, she is a talented pianist who will be playing one of her own compositions at an impressive Christmas concert alongside a male pianist that she has had a crush on for years. She has dreamed of the two of them playing a duet and eventually marrying. This dream though is interrupted when a strange package appears under her Christmas tree. Inside is a beautiful nutcracker and a story all about how this wooden figure came to be in her world. That night she decides to rehearse and as she does she finds herself transported to a magical new world alongside the nutcracker. Once they arrive she learns that he is not just a toy, but rather the current prince of the realm. He has been turned into humanoid toy by an evil magic using magician who will turn him into a toy for eternity if he does not prove himself worthy of the throne of emperor. Clara and Nutcracker will have to work together to try and save his kingdom, but along the way they will both learn something about themselves and each other. You can find The Enchanted Sonata on sale now.

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