GoodCopBadCop Book Review from @kleffnotes

Set in Scotland, GoodCopBadCop introduces CI Brian Fisher. This particular Chief Inspector struggles to maintain his professional behavior while at work, but not in a way that can be easily hidden. Fisher instead finds himself shifting into uncontrollable behavior which is often provoked by the criminals he comes in contact with. Based on a graphic novel of the same name GoodCopBadCop presents a story that highlights how what lurks inside may not always wish to stay contained.

GoodCopBadCop frequently focuses on the point of view of Fisher as he goes through a number of days and cases. The first case involves the hand and a heart being found wrapped in newspaper. What is interesting is with this first case we first meet the suspect and then Fisher walks us back through how this man was brought in partially through flashback internal thoughts and then through a discussion with the suspect. This lends to the creation of Fisher as  a character who does not always remained fully focused. With his internal voice and urges pushing at him to react in certain ways his mind does not always seem connected to the exact things going on around him. Over the course of GoodCopBadCop we watch him investigating and interacting with other suspects and people and again his inability to focus fully and his impulses reveal themselves. At one point while talking to a woman about her missing husband once he realizes what has happened he can’t resist eating an entire cake in the woman’s kitchen.

Beyond this impulse, we see Fisher rage against suspects and react to dangerous situations with violence. Over the course of the story his cases all begin to intersect and we see that in many ways his impulses have led to the connection of a variety of unsavory characters. At a certain point Fisher also has a partner, DS Spencer, who reveals her concerns with Fisher and attempts to share just how dangerous she thinks he is with their superiors. Alexander has created a story that showcases how darkness can grow and find a way to emerge, even when the person in question is attempting to control themselves. Fans of the series, both book and TV, Dexter I think would enjoy GoodCopBadCop, as well as anyone who appreciates a story told through a slightly unreliable narrator. The book itself has a very comic book feel and throughout I could actually picture events happening in a sort of a block style layout. You can find GoodCopBadCop on sale in the UK on Amazon, Blackwell’s, and Kobo and in the US on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

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