The Break Line Book Review from @kleffnotes

James Brabazon, journalist and filmmaker, makes his authorial debut with The Break Line. This thrilling read introduces Max McLean, British intelligence officer who happens to be considered something a bit more deadly than your average agent. After leaving his home, Max was trained to become a killer and after twenty-three years he will find himself on a mission that forces him to examine everything that has happened over the course of his life, before and after becoming a government killing agent.

After failing at a mission, Max is pulled back in for a new kill that forces him to down a strange path of disease and depravity in the West African jungles. A target has been identified and it is Max’s job to take him out, but something doesn’t feel right to the man frequently called a “legally sane psychopath.” The way this target was identified seems strange and after his last mission, which Max felt was oddly off, he is questioning just what it is he is being asked to do. Before he begins his mission he goes to see a man that he thought would never falter in his work, but this particular friend has been driven mad by something he saw in the area that Max is heading. With the idea of something that frightening in mind, the journey to take out his target continues to become more and more eerie with strange outbreaks of violence rising that are being hidden under the guise of disease outbreaks.

The Break Line is full of twists and turns and with Max already on edge about his mission, readers will find themselves pushed to not trust anything happening around the main character. As the story progresses things come to light that are surprising and add even more thrills. This is the sort of book that you won’t want to put down because with every page turned a new secret seems to be revealed. Brabazon has created an intriguing main character and the story surrounding him takes on a frighteningly chilling tone the farther into the book you go. I highly recommend this for thriller fans, especially those who like a killer with a bit of a heart. You can find The Break Line on sale wherever books are sold.

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