Harry Clarke @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes

Harry Clarke is an Audible production of a one person show performed by Billy Crudup. Not only is he the performer in this, but he originated the character at the inaugural Audible Theater live stage venture. Within this particular Audible release there is also a performance of Lillian by the creator of Harry Clarke and Lillian, David Cale.

Harry Clarke is a narrative performance focused on the alternate personality of a young man from the American Midwest. This personality arose out of  the childhood of a boy who didn’t feel accepted or loved by his father. He had spoken with a posh accent for a long time and was constantly called out for it, when one day while his parents were fighting a new voice emerged, that of Harry Clarke. He had not thought much of Harry until one day this personality emerged and began to slowly take over his decisions. Crudup is able to flip between two different British accents, one for Harry Clarke and the other for the actual person Harry has evolved out of. Beyond making these two very distinct voices he is able to act as a variety of characters throughout the performance and diversifies his voice so well that he truly sounds like a full cast of speaking. The story itself is a bit of a vignette with a focus on Harry Clarke’s decisions and his desires to take over and care for the person he inhabits.

Lillian, the bonus performance from David Cale, provides a background for the work and how it was frequently noted as unproduceable, solely because it would involve a man presenting a female character. Lillian is a woman who is trying to understand herself and while she enjoys some mysteries, she makes decisions based on a level of intuition. We follow her connection to a boy named Jimmy, who has reappeared in her life years after a fling. This performance is told through Lillian’s voice and it involves some fantastical elements in connection with her romance with Jimmy.  After the performances there is a collection of bonus features that provide even more insight into what you’ve just listened to. Both performances are intriguing and make for interesting listens. You can purchase Harry Clarke from Audible today.

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