Rabid Heart Book Review from @kleffnotes

What would you do if the love of your life was suddenly not exactly human? In Rabid Heart, Rhonda thinks that she has lost her beloved Brad to zombies when an outbreak of something known as Necro Rabies begins turning people into undead monsters. While on a mission in her decimated hometown Rhonda is shocked to find Brad and actually have him recognize her. With that small spark Rhonda must decide if she will brave the dangers of this zombified world for the sake of love.

After finding Brad, Rhonda makes a choice to leave the safety of the military base she has been living on and heads out into the world on an epic road trip. While most zombies, known as Cujos in this world, are dangerous and attack something is different about Brad. Around Rhonda he seems docile and never does anything traditionally Cujo-like. As she drives to somewhere she thinks they can be together the pair find themselves in a variety of dangerous situations. At some point two kids join them, Ty and Ellie, who try and understand just why this woman who is protecting them is also traveling with a zombie. What happens throughout the trip tests Rhonda’s strength and her love for Brad. Can love really survive in a rabid world?

Rabid Heart is full of action and some pretty gory moments, but throughout it all Rhonda is a tremendous lead character. She is able to use her skills to take out Cujos and other threats, while also trying to protect two kids and Brad. Her intensity both physically and emotionally makes you root for her and her goals. Jeremy Wagner has built an interesting world with his own take on the zombie outbreak theme and blending that with elements of romance gives depth to the genre that is sometimes lacking. I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys zombies or horror and I’d even recommend it for romance fans who are looking for something a little bit different. You can find Rabid Heart in print or in audiobook format today!

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