The Man on the Mountaintop @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes

The Man on the Mountaintop is an Audible exclusive audio drama that is adapted from the works of Susan Trott. Combining the stories of The Holy Man and The Holy Man’s Journey, which were combined and adapted by Libby Spurrier, this new version focuses on Joe, a holy man on a mountaintop, who is beginning to realize that he must find a successor to his work. Through the story listeners learn about Joe and his own journey as well as the emotional and physical journeys of the pilgrims who have come to see him.

Stanley Tucci acts as the narrator of this story and his soothing voice describes what is going on around the characters and establishing the scenes that are unfolding before you. Along with his voice, there are background elements including ambient noise, one chapter even opens with no words and just the sounds of rain to show that spring has come to the mountain. Toby Jones provides the voice of Joe and is the perfect compliment of this story. He is able to provide a strong and peaceful presence within the drama and as he shares sage words with the characters around him, they will also sink into your own thoughts and will resonate long after you’ve finished listening. The collected cast of voices that speak throughout the story are made up of very talented actors, who fit well within Tucci and Jones.

Many elements of this story are positive and the various pilgrims primarily find a way to be at peace in their lives, but there are also darker elements. One character in particular is struggling with buried guilt in connection to his time serving in military positions. When this character, Jacob, is initially introduced his story almost seems like it will fit within the model of some sort of Beauty and Beast story because he is attracted to a woman he finds beautiful in the line ahead of him. As his story progresses he learns that the woman he is drawn to cannot ever be his love and a downward spiral begins in his personality. Jacob’s journey was the one I was most dedicated to listening to as I wanted to see how this struggling man would ultimately find his peace. The Man on the Mountaintop is a beautiful story and will provide you with an opportunity to grow emotionally and mentally as though you were also a pilgrim going to see Joe at the top of his mountain hermitage. You can get your copy of The Man on the Mountaintop from Audible today.

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