@ClexaCon Creator and Academic Labs Highlight from @kleffnotes

This year ClexaCon has added some special Thursday additions that are part of new partnerships they have established. As the convention grows every year I wanted to highlight these new additions and what you can expect if you take part in them. These two labs involve separate tickets and a are being hosted solely on Thursday, April 11th.

The Creator Lab this year is part of a collaboration between SAG-AFTRA, YouTube Space LA, DASH Productions and Tello Films with a focus on increasing the diversity in the entertainment industry by inspiring the next generation of LGBTQ+ women, trans and non-binary creators. There will be hands on panels and workshops which will include focuses on crowdfunding, contracts, pitching, and other important topics tied to creating media. There will also be a networking period to allow budding creators to chat with some industry people.

There is also a template schedule in place for the Academic Lab, which will include access to an Academic Lounge. This lounge area will be used for an academic focused networking event. Those who participate in this add-on event will be able to learn more about teaching at various age levels and to a variety of research topics. There are also some funding tips available now to assist those who wish to attend this portion of ClexaCon. You can find out more about these Labs and ClexaCon 2019 on their official website.

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