Sam and Pat Are Depressed Season 2 Teaser Feature from @kleffnotes

Sam and Pat are back for a second season of this comedic mental health focused web series. I adored the first season of the series and even featured it in a Fangirl Freakouts video. I had the opportunity to check out some of the brand new episodes before the official release date of March 25th and I have some teaser thoughts to get you ready for the new season.

The first season of the series contained 9 episodes and the second season will mimic this layout. The great thing about season two is that there will be almost twice the amount of content within these 9 episodes. Sam and Pat, played by Bri Castellini and Chris Cherry respectively, are still chatting therapy and ordering lots of takeout, but with more time for each episode they delve a little bit more into some of their issues. There are also some changes to their routine, which lead to some very interesting conversations. One of these even includes a whole lot of yarn.

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 6.49.39 PM

If you enjoyed the first season of Sam and Pat are Depressed this new season will be everything you hoped for and more. If you’ve never checked out the series before you can find season one on YouTube and you should definitely get caught up before season two drops on March 25th. This time the episodes will be releasing weekly on Stareable  and SeekaTV. A week after the final episode releases the full season will be made available on YouTube. This funny series handles mental health in a light, but ultimately very informative way and Sam and Pat Are Depressed is a much watch suggestion from me.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 3.39.18 PM

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